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The Breakers Resort National Historical Landmark

The Breakers Resort National Historical Landmark

Palm Beach

Built in 1925 by Schultze and Weaver.

Classical Revival Italianate Style. Designed by a New York firm that did Waldorf-Astoria and the Los Angeles Biltmore.

“One of America's legendary resort destinations, The Breakers Palm Beach is one of Florida's most significant historic structures. Originally founded in 1896, the oceanfront resort played a major role in the tourism industry of South Florida. For the past 116 years, its original family ownership, descendants of founder Henry Flagler, has built and rebuilt the property, diligently preserving its historic elements while navigating its magnificent renewal. It truly is a case study in the artful balance and integration of brilliant conservation and modernization. Humbly recognizing the privilege of their legacy, the owners’ unwavering commitment has sustained The Breakers as a one-of-a-kind, architectural marvel, by funding an extraordinary investment in the resort’s ongoing revitalization that is unparalleled in America …$250 million invested over the past decade, and an annual investment of $20 million each year which will continue indefinitely to ensure its timeless appeal to future generations of guests.

This path of continuous enhancement has allowed The Breakers to thrive as one of the world’s leading luxury resorts, and to showcase to thousands of visitors each year the exterior and interior design attributes of the property and its buildings. It is one of the few remaining grand hotels in the nation with its original breathtaking public rooms, all hand painted by Italian artisans, and one of the few to successfully operate independent of chain affiliation.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Breakers continues to thrive independent of chain affiliation. With the commitment of its long standing family ownership, the resort invests $20 million annually in the property’s ongoing enhancement to ensure its timeless appealing to future guests.”

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